Commencing my search for the Infinite with words

आज सोचा …..के कब लिखेंगे हम दिल की….

लिखनी हैं बातें, पर दिल में तो शोर है…

जाना है कहाँ क्या पता, चल तो पड़े हैं अब हम…

इतनी खबर है लेकिन,

रास्ता कोई भी हो चाहे, अब आना तेरी ही ओर है।।।।




A different kind of Freedom…

This appeared in my feed from an app today– “Freedom is not giving two hoots about what others think of you”, and that set me thinking-
Is that even a kind of Freedom?
Is that even a kind of Freedom we want?
In this day and age where we put all we put up everything on social Media… from wedding photoshoots, vacations, cooking skills, landmarks from our and our kids’ lives, our political views to what makes us laugh, our hobbies and our achievements, From anniversary wishes to our better half and our proclamation of unmeasurable love for them, to Birthday wishes for our departed family members, do we want this Freedom from being judged? Like, seriously?
I Wonder what would happen to the likes of  Fb, Insta, tiktok, (and the status and stories and shorts) if we ever got that kind of Freedom.
Nah, I don’t think that’s even remotely possible- as a human race we are constantly seeeking validation, and as much as we hate it, we still all want those likes, comments and shares. We want those followers on our page or channel. Even though we know that half those likes, comments and follows are obligatory in nature, we seek them… we use them as measures of our being accepted in the world. In reality, we just need to accept our own self, not just the perfect curated self, but our imperfect self!
Who are we kidding?
Just ourselves, Really.

Only then, it will truly be Women’s Day..

So we are celebrating today (one day) as women’s day. Hmm, right… No, No, wrong.
I deny having my glory, my beauty, my strength, my freedom, my success, my honor and my right to live – all of these- limited to one day!
Don’t glorify all that women are on this day, its fine- really…. just don’t take it away from us on all the other days.
Let us, the women, be…
What a day and age to be living in- we have come a long way, to put it in very simple terms- but we haven’t arrived… no, not yet.
And I have this firm belief that we cannot reach there alone- for all of us , the “relatively” free and liberated women, we need to carry forward many more of us who aren’t so lucky, who are still living in so much darkness…. we need to help each other up and above the repression that they don’t even know they live in.
Let us start with one person at a time, and when we can bring one more woman to a better life and reality, that day will truly be a Happy women’s day!

#womensupportwomen #womenpower #supportwomen #reality #womensday

આપણી ગુજરાતી ભાષા

ઘણાએ હતા નાનપણમાં મને, English ના અભરખા,
કેટલાક વર્ષો રહ્યા, બહુ English બોલવાના ચસરકા…
પણ ક્યારેક, ક્યારેક, Father મા પપ્પા જેવો વટ ના પડ્યો,
અને Granny થી બા જેવો હેત કદી એ ના મળ્યો…
ભાઈ શબ્દ જેટલી મસ્તી, Brother મા સમાણીજ નહીં ,
અને sister તો દીદી સામે સાવ ફિક્કી પડી ગઈ…
To- Do- Go નું કોકડું તો હજી ઉકેલયું નથી, ત્યાં તો,
સાલું આ silent letters એ આવીને, રમણે ચડાવ્યા …
અરે જે English શબ્દો ને ન્યાય ન આપી શકી,
એ ભાવનાઓ ને કેમ કરી પહોંચે?
મન ની વાતો , “English Express” મા,
ક્યારેક ચડે ઉતરે, ક્યારેક છુટી જાય…
પણ ગુજરાતી મા વિચારો ને પ્રેમ થી, કહેવાય અને સમજાય …
હશે ભલે School, કોલેજ, Office, ઇન્ટરનેટ નું માધ્યમ English, પણ…
મેણા ટોણા ની તીખાશ હોય કે અશ્રુઓ ની ભીનાશ,
કે પછી હોય હૈયુ ઠાલવ્યાની હળવાશ…
સાહેબ, પ્રેમ નો રસ , સપના ની પાંખો, અને,
અને, જિંદગી ના તાણા- વાણા,
એ તો આપણી ગુજરાતી માં જ છે ,
એ તો આપણી ગુજરાતી માં જ છે…

  • પૂર્વી ગોકાણી


Gratitude is such a small yet heavy thing. It’s such a rich word- it’s like the proverbial ocean that we amass by gathering water droplets!
Forget about how important it is to be grateful and how it will attract more into your life …
Instead… Think of it like this- how does it instantly feel to be grateful? Definitely makes you happier and lighter! Makes you smile at that moment…. now build that same excercise at every step of the day- for hot tea, cool water, safe home, healthy kids, beautiful sunrise, spectacular sunset, fresh meals, your car and a parking for it, and your ocean of gratitude is already filling up!
So, tell me, how many droplets of happiness did you add to your ocean today?

#gratitude #wisdomoftheday #begrateful #thankful #simplethoughts #life #lifeisbeautiful

Simple pleasures restored

Among the scores of things we trimmed last year in a bid to save whatever we could, I was silly enough to cancel my newspaper subscription and turn to the always available, always free, online news.

And what a time to get news online, instantly as they are made around the world. For a news nerd like me, it was so exciting to be able to read the latest breaking news on my phone wherever I was! Then started the pop up ads. So many that reading the news articles became like navigating my way through a labyrinth puzzle 😆. Yes, I’ve heard about ad blockers, but so have the news websites. Had to deactivate them to read my news!

And, Little did I know, every time i read an article, the website cookies was counting them 🤣. Slowly and steadily, I was not able to read most news articles which interested me. I started skipping a day in between my news readings, even alternating between 2 different local news websites 🤣🤣🤣.

What I didn’t realise is that I slowly got so tired of it all that I stopped reading the news for days together. And then, it happened. My local paper guy called me with an offer- I jumped on it !

And today, there it was, my first physical newspaper in almost a year! My joy at getting to enjoy the combo of my morning winter breeze, a steaming hot cup of masala chai, and my newspapaer is incomparable! Me not going back to it earlier is pure stupidity on my part!

How much ever we progress to the Eworld, the simple pleasure of being able to turn a page while trying to juggle your hot tea, is never going to come online!