Commencing my search for the Infinite with words

आज सोचा …..के कब लिखेंगे हम दिल की….

लिखनी हैं बातें, पर दिल में तो शोर है…

जाना है कहाँ क्या पता, चल तो पड़े हैं अब हम…

इतनी खबर है लेकिन,

रास्ता कोई भी हो चाहे, अब आना तेरी ही ओर है।।।।





“Lineart for me is all about spontaneity, about what I feel, And At the moment, I’m here, like this, very crowded, going round and round in circles, going into too many details (even if I don’t really want to), and still budding, growing, and shining through it all.
But this is me At this point, who knows, as the journey (journal) progresses, maybe I become less messy, more disciplined with my (life)lines ,I may finally make some patterns , and who knows, someday I may even get organised like a Mandala !”
-Purvi Gokani.
Brustro fineliners on brustro watercolor journal
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Life exists Somewhere in between

“With healing comes a deeper understanding of how important are the shades that are in a mixture of black and white…. how infinite and uncountable are the hues between these 2 simple colors, And how all of life and love , as it exists, resides within these shades of grey…”
-Purvi Gokani.
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Let them be

Just a little something very beautiful I feel…. These plants in the balcony, even if Basil and curry leaves, are merely decoration for most of us humans…. but they’re probably food for these pigeons…
For a couple of years, like most of us, I shooed these birds away when they cane near our plants. But then I realised, why is it such a big deal if they eat a few leaves , or even a full plant, for that matter? We’ve taken away so much from Nature already, can’t we allow them a few leaves from plants that WE THINK WE grow?
-Purvi Gokani .

“तू चल उस तरफ…”

“ठहरा है कबसे यहाँ तू,  जैसे कुछ अटक सा गया है,
भले हो तंग, डगर आगे की, हिम्मत बनाकर जरा,
तू चल उस तरफ
अंधेरों से घिरा हुआ तू, क्यूँ कालिख मे खड़ा है?
रौशनी की दिखती है जो, छोटी ही हो लौ भले,
तू चल उस तरफ
चुभने लगा है कुछ शायद, अब ये रेशम भी तुझे,
उस परे, कुछ खुरदुरा ही सही, पर आंचल ही है,
तू चल उस तरफ
लाद कंधों पर, ग़म और फ़िक्र को, बहुत है ढोया तूने,
अनजान ही सही, हल्का दिखता है बेफिक्री का वो आसमान,
तू चल उस तरफ
बहुत थामे हैं हाथ तूने, जानों अनजानों को संभाला है,
अब वक़्त है,संभाल अपने आप को, थामे हाथों मे खुद ही को,
तू चल उस तरफ “
-Purvi Gokani.

“स्वाद जिंदगी का “

भीगे जा रहे हैं कब से कितनी बारिशों में,
जाने कब, जाने कौनसी बूँद रुह भीगा जाये….
चखे जा रहें हैँ हर पल इस बेस्वाद जिंदगी का,
जाने कब, जाने कौनसा लम्हा कोई स्वाद जगा जाये!

– Purvi Gokani


She was made by nature to grow… to nurture… to take life further…
But she was rejected even before birth…
When she was allowed to be born, she was gifted with the Guilt of it…
She was expected to Sacrifice for the family,
She was abused and then suppressed,
She was confused and riddled with self doubt,
She was traumatized when she was judged for every little thing…
She lived in constant fear of Social Stigma…
And despite the burden of it all, she knew she was expected to take life further…
So, Taking all of this in her stride, she grew, slowly but surely, leaf by leaf…
And then one day, suddenly, before she realised, she had blossomed into a full fledged plant…. a plant nurtured by self love and awareness… into a life that bore the fruits of Happiness and growth for the world….
-Purvi Gokani.

Artwork by Purvi Gokani

“My Tomorrow”

” My Tomorrow “
I want a tomorrow…
Where I can sit down and rest if I need to…
Where meeting ends is not my struggle…
Where my world won’t rest on my shoulders alone…
Where I don’t have to force “yes” on myself  …
Where I can breathe in the fresh wind,
Where I can soak my senses in the rainfall,
Where I don’t have to deny my kids a listening ear….
Where a trip to the park doesn’t depend on a weekend…
Where, if there’s a shadow or darkness,  its my own…
Where I may have to walk an extra mile, but on my own will..
Where, I can give back to the world, the love I have for it… without being drained myself…
Where, with all the possibilities that God has graced me with, I can get a chance… To explore them…
To enjoy them…
To make the most of them…
And to see where they take me…
-Purvi Gokani