Finding Life… in slow motion

These days… all of us are looking for that perfect parcel called life… beautiful, happening, spectacular, picturesque, unique , fulfilling, fun, happy, serene…. we want it all! Together , in one go! 

The attached video i took at a beach is a simile to finding that perfect parcel.

While looking for that awesome big package of perfection, we forget that indeed ,the best things in life come in small packets…

Instead of waiting for the right time for the sunset or clouds or light conditions of the sky and the perfect waves of the sea, lets zoom in to one part of the beach… to one small wave that’s bubbling with the energy of happiness… 

Let’s not look for the perfect shining sandy beach, for even small pebbles are beautiful and they give the most beautiful bounce to even a feeble little wave !

Let’s not wait for the huge splash of the sea but instead look at how amazingly refreshing even a few droplets of water can be…

Lets not wait for an unknown time to scrutinize the beauties of the sea, just let’s take a minute and enjoy the simplicity of a single wave in slow motion!

Lets not wait for the time all the hurdles in life are overcome, for life, like water, flows smoothly even over a lot of sand and a few small stones!  Life just does not stop! 

For in the video of life, every wave is our effort, which, when collides with the pebbles of challenges and limitations, can create the most unique splatters that take us higher and provide spurts of beautiful success in our lives. 

The Beauty of life is not in a timelapse where there are no highlights, so let’s just slow down a bit and enjoy the happiness of focusing on our little blessings!

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