Be #SameButDifferent 

Two photos….

The same place, same object and the same camera as well… with just a different filter, and see how dramatically the picture changes !

In the same way, our perspective decides how we look at things, rather how they seem to us ! How things are presented to us also defines how we see them… This is also how beliefs are made!

There’s no right or wrong, it all depends on our viewpoint!

There are so many ways to look at things, so many opinions and perspectives that no two people will see the same object as one! BUT that does not take away the beauty of the object! Or change the fact of what the object is!

So lets lower our barriers and stop judging people, sometimes both the viewpoints maybe right, And Beautiful too…. its just that we are too engrossed looking at it from our own point of view to understand the other one!

Life could probably be smoother if we go to the other persons perspective sometimes, we can atleast try!

We are all humans, all beautiful!

#WisdomoftheDay #SameButDifferent #DifferentButTogether

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