Healing my heart ❤

Sad? Angry? Unsure? Tired? Let down? Sleep derived? I was probably feeling all or most of these this morning, why, beats me… I’ve been like this for years. I feel not at peace sometimes, but for the life of me I can’t make out what the reason is…

And then, i heal myself… like i did today… there are many ways I do it, but the sureshot way is to get close to nature… anyplace, anytime, even without anyone!

…With blowing wind in my face or the sound of water gushing, the birds chirping in the not so high skies, a lone tree standing its ground as if in defiance to the barren sands around… a flashy flower showing off its color amidst scores of leaves, a teeny tiny green leaf fighting out to make a dried plant alive again… a toddler playing with himself and giggling away… an unusual tune or song played loud enough to drown not only other noises but also the restless voices within…

In some such places, i say I could probably die here, and my people are baffled why i say that… but in my heart i know… I just heal here!

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