How i wish

For no known reason, the Ola cabs app showed considerably raised fares for my trip to GANESHPURI….

In a split second me and hubby decide to take the train, Virar train! We walk to the ticket window and I check the Ola app again for the fares, they have gone down, but we’re already at the station , Might as well take the train, i give up to my own temptation. Atleast we may save some time!🤔

I, along with my 2 (untrained for Mumbai trains) kids , get in a Virar local.Its crowded , yes, but not as much as typically as a Virar train is… my 6 year old does start crying but the ride is otherwise uneventful. Midway i think, why not get down at Vasai and call hubby… he is slightly agitated as to why i like to make such changes all the time… i counter the question with ome of my own, ” why can’t you just comply without questioning?” . He does 🙃! Afterall, how can i explain my love or attachment to vasai, the town i grew up in, where my roots are, to him, or anyone else?

As we get down, hubby just once says we may even get a bus here… i walk ahead just a few steps and lo and behold! Ambadi Bus- just a few metres away! I RUN LIKE A PRO “lets rush before we miss it” Now, Im pretty sure this bus goes to GP- The village of my Mama! Seeing me, the Hubster is even more bewildered than my kids 😂😂!!! He asks me again if this bus will go to GP- “OFCOURSE”.

A ST bus ride back to GP- GP! MY CHILDHOOD GETAWAY! my mind and heart race back to my childhood– the times before mobiles and very limited landline connectivity 🙄!

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