Esselworld – revisited 2017

I’d planned a trip to Esselworld this vacation, when i told this to people, they said go to Imagica instead. But this was convenient, so esselworld it was!

That ferry from Gorai creek… Was it really that long ago? 20 years 🤤😨? really? The excitement of Esselworld- probably the most exciting place of my childhood was all over me– and, over my kids. Yes, i was visiting with my kids 😊.

The rides were crowded as ever ! The music happening! Some rides are still the same, i see, but riding with my kids is not the same! When did i reach this point? Wasn’t it too soon? From shrieking carefreely with my teenage sister to giggling with my tween daughter- wow! From Running between rides (to save time) to standing in the queue at the dominoes outlet- whoa! From deciding if I’m brave enough to ride the zyclone – to dragging the kids, reassuring them it won’t kill them… looks like I’ve grown up! From thinking of it as an expensive getaway even for myself, to an affordable day out for the family, wow, time has flown!

Spending the full day there, I’ve exchanged a few thousand Rupees for memories of a lifetime- me and my (equally chicken) daughter braving a rollercoaster with a loop for the first time! Having learnt that the homely looking Hubster is a daredevil at heart, his fun rating has really spiralled!

I’ve also realised that fun is not only having it myself- its seeing my kids, nieces and nephews giggling away with excitement, pondering over menus and sharing humongous chocolate-laden desserts. Makes me marvel that inspite of all the advancement of the ages and technologies, the taking over of social media and mobile phones, bonding still develops the old fashion way- holding hands so as to not get lost, grouping to match your taste of fearlessness (or fear) at the rides, discovering the tastes of your cousins to settle on a single pizza, and giving up the last few bites of your dessert to the others!

Thank you Esselworld, today you gave me a new insight into Zindagi! And my Age 😜!

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