For my life, from my life!

Its surprising how completely the overpowering , unstoppable thoughts and worries of work, of the world, everything just stops occuring to you. Or even if it does occur, the mind stops registering those thoughts . That sunset you marvel at from the windows of your office, is equally beautiful even from the windows of the hospital room. There’s this one day, that you want from your busy schedule, to sleep, to watch movies, to talk to friends even, without being interrupted by work calls or your coworkers, it’s so elusive, isnt it! But when you have that one day (or 2) at the hospital, how come you can’t think of any of those things to do? How come you cant connect to that movie you’ve always wanted to watch? Or the book you’ve been planning to read but cant bother to open now?

All that matters, at times, is that not so little bundle of life that we call our child. At times when he is (even a bit ) sick, this is the time we realise what matters most to us.

Me, having been lost in the never ending labyrinth of work for the past 6 months (that have flown at the speed of light), this is probably a reality check . A realization, that i can easily get a bit of my life back from the ever grinding pressures of life itself.

For my life, from my life!

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