It’s so easy to be thankful!

“Mummaaaa….. Dev was disturbing me when I was sleeping”, complained my 7 year old Madhav this morning. “Good morning betav, Jai Shree Krishna”, I said, opening my arms to him.

“I’m so sad, he didn’t let me sleep…😪” Madhav persisted, getting into the comfort of my lap.

“Divine cancel to being sad “, I replied. “Why?😕”

“Every morning, Be Thankful😌, not sad!”

“Huh 🤔why?”

“Well, be thankful you woke up this morning, you’re alive, and so are all you family members- so many people die everyday , and we are all alive, that’s reason enough to be thankful..”

“No, not many people die everyday!”

“Yes, they do, and your family is alive, and you are in your room, which was cool and comfortable, so be thankful , baby!”

“But still, Dev was disturbing me 😒..”

“Okay, then be thankful you have a brother and sister to disturb you!”


“Imagine you didn’t have them, if you were alone, would you enjoy? Noone to play with, sing, dance, fight, study with?Alone, Everyday! Wouldn’t you feel so lonely then?”


“Oh yeah! Thankyou God!”

“Ok, and what about Good morning and Jai Shree Krishna?”

“Good morning, JSK 😘”

And that’s how I also realised, while teaching him,

Its so easy to be thankful!

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