Madhav Mumma Mornings

School mornings are usually , let’s put it as “NOT SO NICE” for Madhav and Mumma! For Madhav, it’s a dragged from bed- getting a sleepy bath- back in bed routine. Mumma, on the other hand , after 3 or 4 sweet good morning calls 😙, like most other moms, transforms into, shall I say, ahem 🤭, A DRAGON 🐲? Madhav certainly (but with a fair share of pouts 🙇‍♂️, wails😭, tears😢and complaints 😤) responds to the Dragons call! All in all, it’s an unpleasant run upto the school bus each morning 😑…

This morning though, 4 customary sweet mom calls later, out came the Dragon! Followed by the irritated pout by Madhav…

As he stood , closed eyes, lips curled in an annoyance-

Madhav – ” Mumma, I’m cold!”

Dragon Mumma – “No, you’re not cold, you’re Madhav!” 🤐😏😆

The annoyed Madhav opened his mouth to retort a cheeky reply, but his his lips just spread out in a silly smile, acknowledging the silly PJ! Pout gone, Dragon gone!

The morning just became sweet!

Brought me back a pointer from my childhood- Laughter is probably STILL the best medicine!

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