Renewed Hope

So this morning , I open the door and I’m taken aback. In good way, actually. It’s cool, just a bit chilly, infact, WOW! God actually switched the winter back on! Just like that. And he also bundled in a few clouds , and, to top it all, he sprinkled a faint little Rainbow on the morning sky too (even if i saw it only later on social media posts)!!! So, yeah, wow! I decide its too beautiful and pleasant to go back to bed, and settle on the porch with some hot piping tea!

And then it dawned open me, if seasons can change like this overnight, who do I think I am to underestimate life after all? Stress comes and goes, because stress is now probably a synonym of modern life , but so what? I could feel it just evaporate from me into the universe…. just like that!

It struck upon me, yet again, that there is a positive for every negative, a cool relief after every scorching summer, and while it maynot snow like I fantasize it , the cool breeze is probably more soothing than the snowfall !

So Why do we get back feeling stressed every now and then? That’s probably an unseperable part of this big mad parcel of our fast, modern, do it all rollercoaster we call life, maybe even a big one, but its just a part nonetheless. The stress isn’t life itself. The completing part is probably Hope.

So, here I am, sipping my uplifting masala chai on the porch, silently making this promise to have a firm hold of positivity in daily life situations ,that I’m gonna be happy and hopeful…. and I realise, once again, “picture, ab bhi baaki hai mere dost!”

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