The truths that today brought…

It’s Another day, and today life has bowled another googly at us…
Someone who we’re responsible for has lost a parent back in India. To say that it is sad is an understatement. To say that it is very unfortunate is to state it lightly. Ofcourse, the person here is overcome with grief. But how capable are we to give them any solace? What solace can we even give anyone at such a time?
This day has brought so many realizations… the first one, ofcourse, is that death is the ultimate truth, and that we all have to face it, whenever the time comes. And the other side of this fact is another hard hitting fact is that nothing we can do or say can take away the pain from death. Pain that the family feels and lives through for the rest of their lives. Pain that will, maybe, grow into a monster, or maybe even tame a monster. Who knows?
And in such a time , with the person affected not even able to travel or go back home, only compounds the pain.
This particular death has brought forward another truth- which we repeat so many times without actually understanding the dimension of it- That there is actually NOTHING that we can do. We are mere puppets in the grand fair that we call life… we can only keep passing through the unending labyrinth of circumstances that lies ahead of us, with nothing but one certainity- it will lead us to the ultimate truth- Death!
As challenging as it is, as we navigate through this labyrinth , sometimes we are needed to help others move forward as well… we may even need to carry some for a while. While the passages of life may seem dark at places, with twists and turns leading us to unknown events, there is a little torch that God has equipped us with- the torch of compassion and love! We are, many a times, so freaking encompassed with the darkness of the labyrinth, that we forget to put on this torch ! Of love, of compassion!
Let’s remember to put it on, who knows, while you’re showing path to another person, you may yourself find a new opening!

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