It’s an Opportunity!

There are days and nights, one after the other, we are all passing time in this non stop cycle of life… of the Corona times.

We have read this and said this, many times over now- that this time of lockdown is probably a collective fruition of our prayers to have a day more, an hour more , a bit slower, and such things. We’ve all said that let’s pray, alone, together, for our own, for the unknown and for the world!

We have all prayed, have asked our respective God time and again to give us strength, patience and faith. and we have all had moments where we have lost the very same virtues…

So today was one such day for me, and I start watching a movie on Netflix (Its been my thought drowning thing for this period) – and right from the movie- I’ve come across this dialouge that says “God gives us opportunities- if we ask for patience- will God just grow that into us or give us opportunity to cultivate patience? If we ask for strength, will we become rock solid or will We get opportunity to become strong? God gives us what we ask for- in the form of opportunities...”

And THIS has given me a totally new outlook- to this situation the whole world is in! This time is, no doubt, a big, big challenge, but isn’t it also an opportunity to be strong, patient, wise and make a difference, however small ?

So Thankyou God, for this opportunity …


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