“Why do I still Have FAITH?”

So my kids (and some kiddish adults), ask me this question- ” How do I still have Faith?”
Here’s the thing- 2020 has been rough, yes..
Almost everything that we took for granted , came to a standstill. Flights, trains, Roads – borders of countries, even states and cities were closed.
Going out to movies- to parks- even grocery shopping- all was restricted. And who can believe that after hundreds of years of medical research and advancement, we weren’t allowed to even go to hospitals unless in urgent need!
Even getting out on roads has warranted fines and lathis!
The incomes stopped- the visits from friends dried up, Even visiting Family was not allowed!
But , amidst all these restrictions- something still didn’t change-
There was a bright, hopeful sunrise each morning and a stunning, soothing sunset each Evening! As usual, even on shutdown days!
The clouds did come out as expected each winter, and brought along with them the cool breezes… not affected by curfew times!
The parrots still sqwak on the rooftops and the pigeons still nibble at my balcony plants …
The sand is still soft in the desert and the flowers are still colorfully blooming!
And that, is why me, “and I hope we” , still have, and retain the faith.
Faith, in whatever we choose to call it- Bhagwan, Allah or Lord , (or even Universe in today’s trend). Just hold onto it!

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