What’s Your Kick?

We have all probably gone through a phase when we feel lonely , maybe even unwanted and unaccepted at times.
I went through that stage myself, spending time with, and emptying my own baggage of pity on my ‘lonely self’…
Until, that is, I realised that I’m enjoying my own company- that the voices in my head that always debated any event or person, have become my mechanism of analyzing them.
Until staying within myself made me realise how peaceful it seems not to be called for sometime- even if from family.
Until I realised that it was one of the rare times when there is real peace in my heart.
Don’t mistake me for not liking company- I love my family to death and I’m very happy around my friends. It’s just that I’m happiest around my own self! It’s like needing icecream (family) with whipped cream and nuts (friends), but a cherry on top is what makes it fancy the! Like, I’ve been to desert camping trips with close friends, loved sitting with them till 3 am, but after everyone retires, I love sitting alone in the desert for an hour later!
I’ve started listening to music or mantras or relaxing sounds in my empty time, Binge watching Netflix series without having to pause a million times in between, catching up with news, sometimes scrolling mindlessly on fb or Twitter – without registering much of the content.
And sometimes,  just gazing out the window, enjoying the breeze… that is the time when I’m most inspired, motivated and I realise that the world is infact so gracious, and that there is so much abundance to be grateful for ! I can sit like that till my eyes can no longer stay open, and then fall asleep like a baby!
So that- spending time alone, with myself, is my kick!

What’s yours?

One thought on “What’s Your Kick?

  1. I’m very glad to learn that you are spending time amazingly with a routine scheduled. We are going through a difficult situation like pandemic. Despite you are happy with this activities like yoga and so on. Thank you. We are influenced.

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