Only then, it will truly be Women’s Day..

So we are celebrating today (one day) as women’s day. Hmm, right… No, No, wrong.
I deny having my glory, my beauty, my strength, my freedom, my success, my honor and my right to live – all of these- limited to one day!
Don’t glorify all that women are on this day, its fine- really…. just don’t take it away from us on all the other days.
Let us, the women, be…
What a day and age to be living in- we have come a long way, to put it in very simple terms- but we haven’t arrived… no, not yet.
And I have this firm belief that we cannot reach there alone- for all of us , the “relatively” free and liberated women, we need to carry forward many more of us who aren’t so lucky, who are still living in so much darkness…. we need to help each other up and above the repression that they don’t even know they live in.
Let us start with one person at a time, and when we can bring one more woman to a better life and reality, that day will truly be a Happy women’s day!

#womensupportwomen #womenpower #supportwomen #reality #womensday

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