A different kind of Freedom…

This appeared in my feed from an app today– “Freedom is not giving two hoots about what others think of you”, and that set me thinking-
Is that even a kind of Freedom?
Is that even a kind of Freedom we want?
In this day and age where we put all we put up everything on social Media… from wedding photoshoots, vacations, cooking skills, landmarks from our and our kids’ lives, our political views to what makes us laugh, our hobbies and our achievements, From anniversary wishes to our better half and our proclamation of unmeasurable love for them, to Birthday wishes for our departed family members, do we want this Freedom from being judged? Like, seriously?
I Wonder what would happen to the likes of  Fb, Insta, tiktok, (and the status and stories and shorts) if we ever got that kind of Freedom.
Nah, I don’t think that’s even remotely possible- as a human race we are constantly seeeking validation, and as much as we hate it, we still all want those likes, comments and shares. We want those followers on our page or channel. Even though we know that half those likes, comments and follows are obligatory in nature, we seek them… we use them as measures of our being accepted in the world. In reality, we just need to accept our own self, not just the perfect curated self, but our imperfect self!
Who are we kidding?
Just ourselves, Really.

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