“Lineart for me is all about spontaneity, about what I feel, And At the moment, I’m here, like this, very crowded, going round and round in circles, going into too many details (even if I don’t really want to), and still budding, growing, and shining through it all.
But this is me At this point, who knows, as the journey (journal) progresses, maybe I become less messy, more disciplined with my (life)lines ,I may finally make some patterns , and who knows, someday I may even get organised like a Mandala !”
-Purvi Gokani.
Brustro fineliners on brustro watercolor journal
#lineart #lineandwatercolour #unorganized #arttherapy #spontaneous #lineartist #journaling #artjournaling #artjournal #artistherapy #artist #commisionsopen

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