Simple pleasures restored

Among the scores of things we trimmed last year in a bid to save whatever we could, I was silly enough to cancel my newspaper subscription and turn to the always available, always free, online news. And what a time to get news online, instantly as they are made around the world. For a newsContinue reading “Simple pleasures restored”

You Are Enough!

You are Enough.What you stand for is enough.Your belief in yourself is enough.Your love for yourself is enough.Your validation for yourself is enough.You donot need constant validation, permission and mercy love from other people – you donot need to change, bend or upgrade to get approval or love from others, either.Simply put, love others, butContinue reading “You Are Enough!”

“Why do I still Have FAITH?”

So my kids (and some kiddish adults), ask me this question- ” How do I still have Faith?”Here’s the thing- 2020 has been rough, yes..Almost everything that we took for granted , came to a standstill. Flights, trains, Roads – borders of countries, even states and cities were closed.Going out to movies- to parks- evenContinue reading ““Why do I still Have FAITH?””

“Beautifully Bare”

How used to we are at dismissing , the incomplete, the not so abundant things in life – as Bare. As not Beautiful. Plant, Animal or Human. Forget about giving it a chance to be something special, mostly, We don’t even give it another glance. This “Spectacularly Bare” tree still made its mark as theContinue reading ““Beautifully Bare””

Sweet Little Chirps

We’ve taken away their forests, we built boxes not only on their grounds, but also invaded their skies with our skyscrapers… but they are here to stay… they were here before us and they will be here long after we’ve become extinct! I find it so amusing – We humans feel that we are theContinue reading “Sweet Little Chirps”