“Why do I still Have FAITH?”

So my kids (and some kiddish adults), ask me this question- ” How do I still have Faith?”Here’s the thing- 2020 has been rough, yes..Almost everything that we took for granted , came to a standstill. Flights, trains, Roads – borders of countries, even states and cities were closed.Going out to movies- to parks- evenContinue reading ““Why do I still Have FAITH?””

“Beautifully Bare”

How used to we are at dismissing , the incomplete, the not so abundant things in life – as Bare. As not Beautiful. Plant, Animal or Human. Forget about giving it a chance to be something special, mostly, We don’t even give it another glance. This “Spectacularly Bare” tree still made its mark as theContinue reading ““Beautifully Bare””

Sweet Little Chirps

We’ve taken away their forests, we built boxes not only on their grounds, but also invaded their skies with our skyscrapers… but they are here to stay… they were here before us and they will be here long after we’ve become extinct! I find it so amusing – We humans feel that we are theContinue reading “Sweet Little Chirps”

It’s an Opportunity!

There are days and nights, one after the other, we are all passing time in this non stop cycle of life… of the Corona times. We have read this and said this, many times over now- that this time of lockdown is probably a collective fruition of our prayers to have a day more, anContinue reading “It’s an Opportunity!”

The truths that today brought…

It’s Another day, and today life has bowled another googly at us…Someone who we’re responsible for has lost a parent back in India. To say that it is sad is an understatement. To say that it is very unfortunate is to state it lightly. Ofcourse, the person here is overcome with grief. But how capableContinue reading “The truths that today brought…”

“મારાથી નહી છુટે સ્વાભિમાન “

પ્રેમ માં નાના નાના કર્યા મેં , જીવન મા બદલાવો પ્રતિસાદ મળ્યો તારો એવો કે થયો નહી પચ્છ્તાવૉ, નાના છમકલા જવા દીધા મેં, દીધું નહી બહુ ધ્યાન, પણ મારા ઍ જવા દેવા થી, બંધાયું તારું અભિમાન… એકબીજા ની કાળજી કરવી ઍ ભલે આમતો સહજ છે, પણ જો ભુલો પડે તું, ચેતવવાનું, ઍ પણ મારી ફરજContinue reading ““મારાથી નહી છુટે સ્વાભિમાન “”

Stop , please…

So , there’s something that is bothering me , like really bothering me…This is undoubtedly a very difficult time and phase for everyone, on every level. For people, families, companies, hospitals, even governments…The pandemic is not something anyone has even imagined, expected , forget experience… the situation is highly unprecedented, to say the least…Hundreds ofContinue reading “Stop , please…”