कैसे बताएँ?

Digital art made on the Note 10 plus

कैसे तय करें के वो कौनसा रंग है, जिससे आसमान और खूबसूरत हो गया?
किस रंग ने इसे इतना अद्भुत बनाया?
कैसे बताएँ कौनसी डाल संभाल बैठी है पेड़ की हरियाली को,
और कौनसा होगा वो पत्ता , जिससे पेड़ आबाद हुआ?
कैसे समझें के इतने रंगों से घिरा हुआ, ये चांद बेरंग क्यूँ है …
और क्यूं इन रंगीन फ़ूलों पे कालिख छायी है?
जाने दो जनाब, सब अगर बूझ पाते हम और आप ,
तो ऊपर वाले को कोई खाक मानता ??

થાક ભલે, પણ હાર નહી …

થોભ જરા, જરા વિસામો લે, થાક ભલે, પણ હાર નહી…

લાગશે ક્દાચ ડર તને, સ્વ માટે નહી, પણ સ્વજનો માટે,

અરે હશે જો રેખા જીવન ની, તો જિવીજ લઈશું , બાકી મોત થી જો ડરી અને બેસી જઈશું, ઈ ડર નો તો, કોઇ પાર નહી…

કરાવે છે કોઇ કસરતો સવારે, રમાડે  છે કોઇ રમતો, ગીતો ગાઇ ને, કોઇ બહેલાવે છે મન ને, તો કોઇ કવિતા સંભળાવી આપે છે હિમ્મત,

એટલા તો એટલા સમય માટે, આવત પ્રેક્શકો ના મનમાં ,

અસુરક્ષા અને દુખ ના વિચાર નહી…

માનવી છે તું તો, લાગણીશીલ ઘણી,

એમ ના બને કે આટલા દુખ નો, પડે તારા મન ને પડકાર નહી…

લાગશે તને કદાચ, કે નજીવા, નક્કામા છે તમ સૌ ના પ્રયાસો,

પણ મગજ મા આવવા દે તું, એવા વિચાર નહી…

થોભ જરા, જરા વિસામો લે, થાક ભલે, પણ હાર નહી…

Will we?

In the recent days , people all over the world have been standing up and applauding the police, the medical, delivery and even cleaning communities…
But what about these ones inside, the ones who are locked in with you?
Did we think of praising our parents, Trying to make ends meet even after their incomes have fizzled below their imagination ever could. Who worry about us day in and day out, many gripped with fear within, but showing us some solid strength. Trying to Instill in us unshakeable faith and hope, even if they aren’t sure themselves!
We have all given labels of “real heroes” to various people, even our own kids …
But, How many of us have thought of the SHE-ROES of our own homes? The mom , or the lady of the house? From cooking unlimited meals throughout the day, to cleaning the never finishing utensils, to catering to the demanding working from home husband’s whims and the schooling from home kids, trying to keep the house as germ free as possible , she is the one handling it with as much grace as possible. To top it all, she’s probably working from home too. All this without the legendary Househelp that are ruling the world of memes these days!
Forget the cheering or clapping, Are we saying a humble thankyou to her? Or acknowledging the fact that we have a meal on our plates? Or are we sulking that it’s not what we wanted?
The least we can do is to give her a smile everytime she looks at us. Ask her to sit down for the meal with us. Maybe give her a back rub at the end of the day.
Atleast, let her get away with her silly Saree , coffee or such other photo “challenges” on Social media , while she battles and wins the real ones at home with us!
“Can we” would be a good question to end this blog, but it’s more important to ask, “Will we” ?

The best time to say it is “NOW”

It’s Always been said, that if you love someone, tell them. And that there’s no time like now.
But this “now” is different from all the other “nows”, isn’t it?

Who would have thought that flying back to your loved one in another country , state or city would be restricted? Who thought that the relatives we love , but weren’t so enthusiastic to entertain, would now be missed? Who knew the whole world would yearn to see friends who live only a few blocks away? And did we ever think it would be weird to hear our own doorbells ring?

Why is it that we are craving for even a single hug from that “chipkoo” friend or cousin?
We had forgotten that we are humans, a social animal, and that physical human interaction is a necessity for us…
But also, lets be thankful that we are in the times that we’re are now , I mean this is the age of 4g and high speed internet , of video calling apps and social media to keep us in touch with all those people we cant connect to physically.
But this “now”also a time of fear , we don’t know who, where and when will be the next victim of the deadly virus, who may not come out on the other side of these trying times… or if at the end of it, we will have the means to be able to reach or own people..
So in this “NOW”, Let’s connect with all those who we miss, let’s video call them, call them or message them- Today, now…
Because, now, more than ever before, is the best time to tell them, “I love you, I miss you”…

Let’s build bridges!

I saw some ‘friend’ post a poem which says, “Sab yaad rakha jayega” …
Now I donot support the fanaticism of some people in promoting and spreading the hatred (on either side), I dont even understand it, Just how can you be so ignorant ?
If you say it’s a trap, why are you walking right into it?
कुछ पंक्तियाँ आपके नाम-

तुमने कहा, “सब कुछ याद रखा जाएगा “,
चलो, स्क़्ब कुछ याद रखते हैं ,
तुम भी, हम भी, भूल कर, के हम एक ही हैं,
ज़ुल्म किए जो पहले थे , आज फिर दोहराते हैं …
गलती से कहीं खिल ना जाये, गुलिस्तां है ये ,
तुम्हारा भी, हमारा भी,
चलो, इसे अब फिर बर्बाद करते हैं!
मैं कहती हूँ लेकिन,
“छोड़ो यार, भूलो सारे शिकवों को,
नए सिरे से लिखते हैं इतिहास आज नया हम,
कुछ हम भूलें, कुछ तुम संभलो,
सदियों से उजड़ा पड़ा है, ये चमन हम सबका,
इसे हम तुम मिलकर अब, आबाद करते हैं !”

Everyone HAS to be positive and only contribute to building bridges, there is just no other way!

Let’s be sure we make a strong one this time, based on strong pillars of faith and understanding. Let’s reach out to one another based on truth, not on rumour mongering.

Let’s just Hold them

So, I walked in to the kids room one night to witness this… hubby and son both asleep, but holding hands…

This visual overwhelmed me beyond words , I just had to click a picture of it!

As parents, We’ve come so far in making bigger homes and providing separate bedrooms (and everything else) for the kids, we sometimes tend to forget that what the kids probably just need is so much simpler, a bedtime story from the parent or a listening ear maybe, or sometimes maybe, just a touch of affection.

This moment also sent my heart back to the time when my sensitive first born , at the age of 5 or 6, wanted her own bunk bed , we got it. But then she insisted we hold her hand until she drifted off to sleep. That gave our arms (and mind) so much stress, we decided to dismantle the bed, and it went from bunk to junk bed in less than a month.

Fast forward 8 or 9 years, my Mad Madhav , who puts up a tough front all day, just needs his dad to recharge his emotions too!

And as time races to tower our kids taller than us, and their schedules busier than ours, my arms now ache to hold them for some more time….

Let’s hold them while we still can…