Let’s just Hold them

So, I walked in to the kids room one night to witness this… hubby and son both asleep, but holding hands…

This visual overwhelmed me beyond words , I just had to click a picture of it!

As parents, We’ve come so far in making bigger homes and providing separate bedrooms (and everything else) for the kids, we sometimes tend to forget that what the kids probably just need is so much simpler, a bedtime story from the parent or a listening ear maybe, or sometimes maybe, just a touch of affection.

This moment also sent my heart back to the time when my sensitive first born , at the age of 5 or 6, wanted her own bunk bed , we got it. But then she insisted we hold her hand until she drifted off to sleep. That gave our arms (and mind) so much stress, we decided to dismantle the bed, and it went from bunk to junk bed in less than a month.

Fast forward 8 or 9 years, my Mad Madhav , who puts up a tough front all day, just needs his dad to recharge his emotions too!

And as time races to tower our kids taller than us, and their schedules busier than ours, my arms now ache to hold them for some more time….

Let’s hold them while we still can…

Life in Black & White

Sometimes, Capturing in Black and White seems so serene, so soothing, so much more beautiful, so deeply captivating to me…. Just maybe, somewhere in the depths of my heart I feel that there is too much color ? Maybe life is just more simplistic when just seen with a single color ?

Or, maybe, just the opposite, isn’t it way more complicated, when we actually see and say BLACK AND WHITE, isn’t it really a HUNDRED SHADES OF GRAY IN BETWEEN…#musingsofmylife #thoughtoftheday #contradiction #lifeisbeautiful #thinking #instablog #beach #seashore #sand #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #waves #samsungphotography #withsamsung #note10plus #nofilters #gray #grey #shadesoflife #sunsetphotography #nocolor #inabudhabi #uaebloggers #abudhabimoments #abudhabilife


ढूंढना पड्ता है , कभी खुद में तुझको,

तो कभी मिल जाती है , तुझमें मेरी एक झलक,

कभी लगता है , मैं क्या कुछ हूँ तेरे साथ,

पर मान ले अब तू भी इस बात को,

ऐ ज़िन्दगी, तू भी तो मेरे बिन कुछ नही।।।

Happy Birthday Modiji

The one man who turned around the thinking of millions of Indians, who has given hope and direction to Indians all over the world, who knows that real change will come when you start working at the roots, and who knows what his own roots are!
The one man who values his tradition, knows his karma, believes in his dharma, who is a true yogi!
The one man who works tirelessly , day or night, rain or sun, who hasn’t taken a single holiday in the past 17 years!
The one man who changed the diplomatic status of India and who is leading our Nation to reach new heights! Who has made friends among most nations in the world.
The one man who has humbly honored the true hardworking Indian and embraced technology to reach one and all.
Some people say you have failed at so many things, but like me, there are millions who know that You are trying, and doing all you can in your power to uplift us and lead us to glory!
You are not only our leader, but our idol, your life is a source of encouragement and energy for us all!
And from a billion fans and admirers, you have the most blessings and best wishes , not only on your birthday, but forever.
Praying To God for your healthy , long and fulfilling life!

🤝🏽 મારા સખા – કૃષ્ણ 🙏🏽

સુંદર તારું મોર મુકુટ છે, છે મધુર મોરલી ની ધુન,

બોલાવું છું પ્રેમ થી વ્હાલા, સાદ તું દીલનો સુન…

શું ખબર શું જાદુ છે, તારી પ્રતિભા માં એવું,

મુગ્ધ થઈ છું તારા માં હું, મારે છે તુઝને કહેવું,

પ્રેમ છે તારો અદ્ભુત કાન્હા, હવે તો તારુંજ થઈ ને રહેવું …

કર્મો તો તું જ શિખ્ડાવીશ, આપ્યો ગીતા નો તે સાર,

સારથી છે તું માધવ મારો, કેમ ભૂલું તારો ઉપકાર,

તારા પર મેં છોડ્યું આ જીવન, ચલાવે તું જ તો સંસાર …

હસ્તી તારી બહુ છે ઉંચી, પરચા છે ભારી ભર્ખમ,

છતાંય , છતાંય , હે કૃષ્ણ,

સખા બનીને મારી સાથે, ચાલે છે તું હરદમ !!