Happy Birthday Preet

The little lamps of friendship,

We’ve lighted along the way,

They float in my heart like diamonds,

And they sparkle every day!

The laughter we shared together,

The fights we’ve sometimes had…

Most memories we made are happy,

But we’ve even had some sad!

We’ve travelled cities, states and oceans,

Distance could never keep us apart,

We are inseparable friends,

We live in each other’s heart!

What can i wish for you, that you dont already know?

Health, happiness, wisdom and laughter, may day by day they grow!

And ofcourse, how can I not say this to you today…

Whether or not i ever mention it, i love you everyday!

Wishing you more life in every moment of your life!

Happy Birthday Preet!

How i wish

For no known reason, the Ola cabs app showed considerably raised fares for my trip to GANESHPURI….

In a split second me and hubby decide to take the train, Virar train! We walk to the ticket window and I check the Ola app again for the fares, they have gone down, but we’re already at the station , Might as well take the train, i give up to my own temptation. Atleast we may save some time!🤔

I, along with my 2 (untrained for Mumbai trains) kids , get in a Virar local.Its crowded , yes, but not as much as typically as a Virar train is… my 6 year old does start crying but the ride is otherwise uneventful. Midway i think, why not get down at Vasai and call hubby… he is slightly agitated as to why i like to make such changes all the time… i counter the question with ome of my own, ” why can’t you just comply without questioning?” . He does 🙃! Afterall, how can i explain my love or attachment to vasai, the town i grew up in, where my roots are, to him, or anyone else?

As we get down, hubby just once says we may even get a bus here… i walk ahead just a few steps and lo and behold! Ambadi Bus- just a few metres away! I RUN LIKE A PRO “lets rush before we miss it” Now, Im pretty sure this bus goes to GP- The village of my Mama! Seeing me, the Hubster is even more bewildered than my kids 😂😂!!! He asks me again if this bus will go to GP- “OFCOURSE”.

A ST bus ride back to GP- GP! MY CHILDHOOD GETAWAY! my mind and heart race back to my childhood– the times before mobiles and very limited landline connectivity 🙄!

શોર છે… કે તારી ડોર છે…

હળવો છે તડકો, ઠંડો મજાનો પવન,

કેટલું સોહામણું છે મોસમ આજે, પણ, મનનો મિજાજ કંઈ ઔર છે..

કરવાનાં છે કામ હજારો મારે, થશે તે એનાજ સમય થી,એ સમજણ તો છે મને, પણ, કતારોમાં ઉભેલા એ અગણિત કામો નો, કદાચ આ શોર છે?

જીવવા માટે જીવન, જે આદરી છે આ દોટ મેં… વહી રહ્યા છે વર્ષો આમજ… જીવન તો એક કોર છે, આ શેની ગતી નો શોર છે?

બને છે અનુચિત- અપ્રિય પ્રસંગો, હરધડી- હરરોજ, આ દુનિયામાં… નિયતિ પર ક્યાં કોઇનું જોર છે? લાગી જાય છે આગ જાણે મનમાં અમુક પ્રસંગો થી, શું એ ભભૂકતી આગ નો આ શોર છે?

ભય નું શું થાય? એ તો રહેવાના… ઘવાય જાય જો , હર નાના- મોટા ભય થી વિશ્વાસ મારો, તો થઇ જશે ચકનાચૂર… વિચારો, જીવનમાં, આજે ભય નો કેટલો ભંડોળ છે!

બેસુ છું હું કરવા, જ્યારે જ્યારે ફરીયાદ તને….જે હોય મનમાં એને રાખું જો હું એક છેડે તો, જે લખાવે છે તું – એ બીજે છોર છે!

સુન્ન થઇ જાય છે તમામ શોર મારા, હે વ્હાલા! તારી લીલા જ કંઇ ઓર છે!

શેની થઉં છું વ્યથિત હું વૃથા, જ્યારે, તારાજ હાથમાં મારી ડોર છે!

The Rising Horizon

સમાવી જોવુ આજે તને ચપટી મા મારી,

તારી વિશાળતા ને ધરી ને હથેળી પર આજે,

એક કોશિશ તો કરુ હૂં, 

ભલે ધધગતી રહે જ્વાલા મનમાં મારી,

પણ દીપાવી શકાય જો જીવન કોઇનુ,

તો કદાચ મારાથી પણ ધન્ય થઈ જવાય…

Healing my heart ❤

Sad? Angry? Unsure? Tired? Let down? Sleep derived? I was probably feeling all or most of these this morning, why, beats me… I’ve been like this for years. I feel not at peace sometimes, but for the life of me I can’t make out what the reason is…

And then, i heal myself… like i did today… there are many ways I do it, but the sureshot way is to get close to nature… anyplace, anytime, even without anyone!

…With blowing wind in my face or the sound of water gushing, the birds chirping in the not so high skies, a lone tree standing its ground as if in defiance to the barren sands around… a flashy flower showing off its color amidst scores of leaves, a teeny tiny green leaf fighting out to make a dried plant alive again… a toddler playing with himself and giggling away… an unusual tune or song played loud enough to drown not only other noises but also the restless voices within…

In some such places, i say I could probably die here, and my people are baffled why i say that… but in my heart i know… I just heal here!

Happy birthday, dear Vipruta!

ખુલ્લા આકાશ માં ઉડજે તું, બની વિના ડોર ની પતંગ,

ખુશિઓ જે આપે અઢળક, એવા મળતા રહે તને પ્રસંગ….

સંતોષ રહે જીવનમાં, તને હર-એક સફળતા ફાવે,

અશ્રુ જો આવે આંખો મા તારી, એ ફક્ત ખુશીના આવે!

કદી એ ઓછું થાય ના, આ તારું unique પાગલપન…

ભલે વધે છે ઉંમર તારી , છતાંય, જળવાય રહે મનમાં બચપન! ​

Seasons change, Life persists!

Seasons change… Life persists…

The departure of summer marks the arrival of new life, with renewed energy, beauty and form…

The seemingly lifeless , dry and withered plants grow new leaves and flower buds,

I can’t stop marvelling at this simple yet magical phenomena of Nature, how life persists and renews itself every season…

This seemingly simple cycle of life holds such deep wisdom… no matter how dry, useless or prickly you feel today, life is you , within you, and it definitely will blossom back with newer purpose and beauty…

Condition? Just one! Dont uproot and throw that arid, dead looking plant (or life) , don’t lose hope on it, or yourself… give it the time , nurture it…

I don’t give up, not on my plants , Not on Myself !



Diwali Wishes

જીવનમાં તમારા છવાઈ જાય રંગ,

મનમાં રહે હંમેશા ઉત્સવના ઉમંગ,

પ્રેમ ના પ્રકાશથી ચીરાય હૈયાનું અંધારું,

સુખ-સમૃધ્ધિ થી રહે છલોછલ, જીવનભર તમારું,

દિપાવલી ને સાલ મુબારક નું, પ્રણામ સ્વીકારો મારું .

 Be #SameButDifferent 

Two photos….

The same place, same object and the same camera as well… with just a different filter, and see how dramatically the picture changes !

In the same way, our perspective decides how we look at things, rather how they seem to us ! How things are presented to us also defines how we see them… This is also how beliefs are made!

There’s no right or wrong, it all depends on our viewpoint!

There are so many ways to look at things, so many opinions and perspectives that no two people will see the same object as one! BUT that does not take away the beauty of the object! Or change the fact of what the object is!

So lets lower our barriers and stop judging people, sometimes both the viewpoints maybe right, And Beautiful too…. its just that we are too engrossed looking at it from our own point of view to understand the other one!

Life could probably be smoother if we go to the other persons perspective sometimes, we can atleast try!

We are all humans, all beautiful!

#WisdomoftheDay #SameButDifferent #DifferentButTogether