Finding Life… in slow motion

These days… all of us are looking for that perfect parcel called life… beautiful, happening, spectacular, picturesque, unique , fulfilling, fun, happy, serene…. we want it all! Together , in one go! 

The attached video i took at a beach is a simile to finding that perfect parcel.

While looking for that awesome big package of perfection, we forget that indeed ,the best things in life come in small packets…

Instead of waiting for the right time for the sunset or clouds or light conditions of the sky and the perfect waves of the sea, lets zoom in to one part of the beach… to one small wave that’s bubbling with the energy of happiness… 

Let’s not look for the perfect shining sandy beach, for even small pebbles are beautiful and they give the most beautiful bounce to even a feeble little wave !

Let’s not wait for the huge splash of the sea but instead look at how amazingly refreshing even a few droplets of water can be…

Lets not wait for an unknown time to scrutinize the beauties of the sea, just let’s take a minute and enjoy the simplicity of a single wave in slow motion!

Lets not wait for the time all the hurdles in life are overcome, for life, like water, flows smoothly even over a lot of sand and a few small stones!  Life just does not stop! 

For in the video of life, every wave is our effort, which, when collides with the pebbles of challenges and limitations, can create the most unique splatters that take us higher and provide spurts of beautiful success in our lives. 

The Beauty of life is not in a timelapse where there are no highlights, so let’s just slow down a bit and enjoy the happiness of focusing on our little blessings!

Happy birthday wish for my hubby darling

મહેફીલ નો હરદમ હંમેશાં, રાખી લે છે તું રંગ,

સખા બનીને, હંસતા હરઘડી, તું રહેતો સહુની સંગ !

મન નો એટલો નિર્મળ જાણે , કલયુગ નો તું રામ,

સગા હોય કે પારકા, તું આવે સહુને કામ!

કાળજી અને પ્રેમ થી, તું સતત મને પંપાળે,

સુખ-દુખ ની હરએક ઘડી માં,હાથ ઝાલી સંભાળે!

પ્રેમ તને હું કરું કેટલો, કઇ રીતે એ માંપુ?

તુજ તો મારું સર્વસ્વ છે, હવે તને શું આપું ?

રહે સતત તું સ્મિતમય , હઁસતો હંમેશાં રહેજે…

સુખી નિરંતર, સાદગી ભર્યો, પ્રવાહ બની તું  વહેજે!!!


દર્શાવો નહીં સ્વજનોને, તો ફાયદો ક્યાં છે?

છાના રહેવું ,જીવનનો એ કાયદો કયાં છે?

વિષાદ થાય જો અંતરમાં, તૉ રડી લો તમે ઝર-ઝર,

નથી પાડી એ ફરજ કોઈએ, હઁસતા રહેવું ઉંમર ભર !

ઉમળકો થાય લાગણીઓ નો, છલકવા દો એ હેત…

સમય જશે સરી નહીં તો, હાથમાંથી જેમ રેત !

મનમાં જે અટકાવવી પડે, એવી લાગણી નું શું કામ?

દિલમાંજ રહે જો દિલની,સાહેબ, તો ક્યાં મળશે આરામ?

તોલવા પડે જ્યાં બોલતાં પહેલા શબ્દો ને, કહો તમેજ, એને મૈત્રી નું નામ કેમ અપાય ?

પહેરવાં પડે છે મુખવટા, દુનિયા સમક્ષ માનું છૂં… એજ મુખવટા, ઘરમાં પણ, પહેરવાં કેમ સહેવાય?

દર્શાવી ના હોત જો ના એમણે , પ્રેમ- સહાનુભૂતિ..

થઈ હોત તો શું દુનિયા ને, પુરુષોત્તમ રામ ની અનુભૂતિ?

ચોર્યું હોત ન માખણ, રમ્યા ના હોત જો રાસ…

વ્હાલો આપણો કાનુડો, શું લાગત આટલો ખાસ?

વહેતું, રવ કરતું ઝરણું, કેવું લાગે છે સુંદર…

એટલાં રમણીય કદી એ ના લાગે, પત્થરો નાં ડુંગર !

માટે રાખો વહેતાં, લાગણીઓ ના તરંગ…

જુઓ પછી કેવા ખીલે છે, માનવતા ના રંગ !

HAPPINESS is… letting someone know how you feel!

So this is how I feel… I feel… Thankful!

Thankful to my parents… my mom and dad…

I’m Thankful that you brought me to this world. Thankful that you ensured that you imbibed in me what matters the most- HUMANITY! Thankful that you also have me 2 wonderful siblings to live my life with, they are priceless to me! Thankful that you let me grow up in a loving joint family. Thankful that you showed your confidence in me, ALWAYS! Thankful that you choose for me a life partner that means the world to me, and for whom I’m his world! Thankful that you thought of and helped us set up BHC, which also ensured that i have all that i have today…Thankful that you forever trust me! Thankful that you are the bestest parents ever! And thankful that you after even better grandparents to the kids, what i would do without you, i can’t imagine!  I’m Thankful for what you made me, Strong, Confident and able to face life.  ❤ you always and forever, more than I’ll ever be able to tell you!

Thankful to my extended parents- Dida, Kaki, HU, BIG Dida, Kakaji and Rekha Auntie! 

I’m Thankful that you have been what you have been to me and what you continue being to me…extensions of parents! Thankful for building my character and making me strong but sensitive! I’m Thankful that you’ve always loved me and have always been there for me as long as i can remember… I’m also super thankful to you all for being such cool friendly grandparents to my kiddos, you mean so much not only to me but to them too! I’m Thankful that you have been my friends for all my life… I’m thankful for your unending love, understanding and trust!

Thankful to my Sister Trupti…

 Thankful that you’ve always loved me unconditionally and warmly.  Thankful that you are with me and have put up with my antics throughout life.  Thankful that you will always be here for me (i have the strongest faith you will be, thankfully) ! I’m thankful to you for being my friend guide and mentor. Im thankful for how you have helped me grow with you and beside you … into myself! I’m also super thankful to you for making me realise the magic of gratitude! 💕

Thankful to my Hubby 

I’m Thankful first of all for the fact that you happened to me! Thankful how you showed me to trust and love and give… I’m Thankful for the unbreakable trust you have put up in me, that showed me that really, people and relations are trustworthy! Thankful for the support you have always extended to build up BHC. Thankful that both our beautiful kids look like you ( yes, i agree they look like you) 😅! I’m thankful that you let me maintain my space, respect, freedom and passion! Thankful that you cook such yummy dishes for me !  I’m super Thankful that you love me like you do!  I’m thankful to you for growing with me! I’m thankful to you for being the best type of hubby a lady can have! I love you endlessly! 😗

Thankful to Vips

I’m thankful that you asked me whatever question you did to me on Facebook that eventually led to this friendship! I’m thankful you asked to go together to that Saree meet with me (in your green bandhani). I remember you talking so effortlessly with me later that day, im so thankful for that because otherwise i would never have been able to make a conversation with you! I’m thankful that you introduced me to such meaningful friendship- understanding , accommodating, fun and yet brutally honest! Thankyou for being what you are — forever supporting, highly encouraging and a little bit mad 😛! I’m thankful that you, apart from being my closest friend, have embedded to my life this beautiful group of friends, so many of them who are so very near to my heart, this friendship has truly  filled a deep void in me and made my otherwise boring life so much more fun !  I’m Thankful that you love me as myself and are always pushing me to do better! #friendsforlife


Thankyou God for this wonderful abundant joyful life! 

” Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou ” 


બાળકો ના બાળપણ મા, હવે કરાયું ભાગાકાર…

ભણવાની તો માંડી ગણત્રી, રમતો પણ હવે ગણાય…

માણતા ભૂલી ગયા જીવનને, ક્યાંથી ખુશ રહેવાય ?

અંકો ગણી-ગણીને ભણ્યા, આવક માટેનું ભણતર…

આવક-જાવક નો મેળ પણ, મળતો નથી પરસ્પર !

ગણીને ભણીએ અને ગણીને જણીએ બાળક આપણે,

ગણી-ગણીને કેલરી, જમીએ હવે આપણે !

મા-બાપ ની લાગણીઓ માં ગણીએ ઓછું- વધુ…

અરે! કોણે શીખવ્યું ગણવાનું આટલું બધું !

ગણીને મળવું લોકોને, મળીને એમને આંકવા …

આટલા બધા ભેગા કરીશું, રાખીશું ક્યાં આ આંકડા  ??

“આપ મુએ મર ગઇ યે દુનિયા “, ભુલી ગયા છે જાણે આપણે…

મોત પછીનાં પણ ગણીએ છીએ, વારસાના આંકડા આપણે !

“ચાલો હવે જીવનમાં ખાલી ભાવો ને ગણીએ,

દિલ માં લઇ લાગણી, ચાલો લોકોને મળીએ…

કર્યા વિના ગણત્રી, હવે રમીએ, હવે જમીએ…

ભૂલીને ગણિત દુનિયા ના, બેફામ હવે ફરીએ…

થઇએ મદદરૂપ કોઇને, એવું કશું કરીએ…”

આખરે તો,

દીધું છે હરી એ, વગર કશું ગણીએ,

ધરા, પાણી, હવા અને પ્રેમ !!


I scooped a little life in my arms when i put my child to bed,

Some life with the cheese, on warm toast i spread,

Life was on cloud nine,

When i saw my kid dance!

Life was so very tired at work this week,

But turned pink at my lover’s glance.

Life stayed up to watch a movie last night,

Life hopelessly fell for romance!

Life happily sang with the music it loves,

Got nostalgic on old photographs…

Life splashed in the water,

Wet memories were made.

Life threw back its head, and laughed with me,

When i went out with friends, life took over me,

It seems like i am in a trance!

Life thinks and thinks, and made me realise,

Life happens at every chance!

Vacation simplified

12 NoonWake up” “Waake up Dev” “Waaake UUp” “Wow this pillow is soo comfy” says my ALMOST 6 YEAR OLD Madhav , as he rolls over his blanket covered, 12 year old cousin, who is still sprawled in bed. A happy giggling is the background score provided by the 11 year old sister. Dev tosses and Madhav tumbles. He starts a “waaaake up song” and Dev is again getting his free massage… the background score is louder and faster as the giggling intensifies…

On the corner of the same bed, Big Mom is trying to book an appointment with the dentist  (on an immovable Mobile) , but its really too noisy. Shaking her head. I’M just sitting accross them all and thinking 

This is how siblings grow, and childhood develops..

This is how fondness grows, and love develops…”

The scenario changes as a heavy arm and foot emerge from the blanket and Madhav is locked down. Groans. Shouts. More giggling. More struggles. More shushing expressions from Big Mom. But the kids cant see her face and i lend words to her looks. High pitched words. Silence. (EVEN IF JUST FOR 10 SECONDS)

The appointment is made and i get a “you are the loudest of them all” scolding. My sheepish grin is ready and flashed . Laughter breaks out all over.

We all are, after all, just 2 generations of siblings, and, its the Vacation !


Commencing my search for the Infinite with words

आज सोचा …..के कब लिखेंगे हम दिल की….

लिखनी हैं बातें, पर दिल में तो शोर है…

जाना है कहाँ क्या पता, चल तो पड़े हैं अब हम…

इतनी खबर है लेकिन,

रास्ता कोई भी हो चाहे, अब आना तेरी ही ओर है।।।।