Stop , please…

So , there’s something that is bothering me , like really bothering me…
This is undoubtedly a very difficult time and phase for everyone, on every level. For people, families, companies, hospitals, even governments…
The pandemic is not something anyone has even imagined, expected , forget experience… the situation is highly unprecedented, to say the least…
Hundreds of thousands of people are stuck , whether physically, financially, emotionally, or all ways…
Every hospital, government agency and other regulatory authorities are scrambling to get out of this with the maximum they can save- people, economy , and even face…
The stories of condusion, hardship, suffering ,uncertainity, and even death coming out of this time is heart wrenching , to put it even lightly.
It is sad. Very very sad.
But there is something even sadder- there are soo many people who have made it their life’s missions to come out criticizing health authorities, hospitals, policemen, state and central governments, their policies , their actions…. Its like they feel EVERY SINGLE thing the government /authorities do is inefficient, useless and senseless.
Please, I request humbly to such people to do whatever little constructive or helpful deed or volunteering that they can do, even if it’s as little as feeding a hungry person once. If nothing else, please pray.
If not possible to do even that, please don’t spread negativity.
Please. Please.
More grief, criticism and stress is just not needed. Not wanted. To no one.
Please think, please reconsider. Please stop.

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