A moonlit night

So we drive to Milky way point in Al Quaa , knowing well that the season to witness the magical milky way view is well over.
We land at a beautiful desert point which is magically washed with serene moonlight! Small scalable dunes all in an eye soothing blue hue- this is definitely not what I had expected! After trying to capture that beauty in my mobile camera, I realised that some scenes are for to be captured by eyes and stored in the soul, not in the phone…
The night also brought along with it a thick blanket of fog and chill as it settled down upon us… and yet, sitting down alone in the soft sand, I realise, once again, how much peace there is in being one with nature – it could be rides through forests, walks in the parks, strolling on beaches, or star gazing in the vast empty desert…
It brings along a little reflection of how much complication we have gathered through the ages- and how much we need to simplify it!

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